Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Leading the Children to the Chapel, San Antonio, Texas, 1945

The great duty of man is to love and serve God with his whole heart.  Now, reflect on your origin and existence.  A thousand years ago you had no being.  In the course of time, God, in His merciful designs, drew you forth from nothing, and formed you a body, animated with an immortal soul. You are thus a masterpiece of infinite power, wisdom, and goodness.  God, who is infinitely wise, has created all things for an end worthy of His greatness;  therefore, in creating you, He had solely in view that you should know, love, and serve Him on earth, and enjoy Him eternally in heaven. Therefore, to God belongs every power of your soul, every faculty of your mind, every sense of your body, all of which should be employed in His service and for His glory.  


My past life, O my God, is a tissue of sins and infidelities! Instead of having directed to Thee all the affections of my heart, my every word and action, I have lavished them on creatures and forgotten Thee.  This, however, is the least part of my guilt, for, alas! the greater portion of my life has been spent at enmity with Thee.  Deign, in Thy infinite mercy, to pardon me all my past sins, especially my base ingratitude to Thee, my want of love for Thee, and my indifference in Thy service.  Grant, that henceforth, every moment of my life may be consecrated to Thy greater honour and glory.  Would it were in my power to recall those precious but misspent hours which might have been made so available for my sanctification!

Meditations on Truths of Eternity, Dublin, 
William Powell, 10 Essex Bridge, 1858.

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