Thursday, February 11, 2016


"Child of the Morning" by C.B. Luce

I am ignorant what will be my lot for eternity, but I am forced to confess that my tepidity has merited a similar punishment.  I have already passed too many years in tepidity;  I have too long abused Thy graces, my God, and neglected the means of advancing in Thy love.  It is now time for me to arise from this lethargy, and begin with renewed fervour the all-important work of my perfection.  Let it then be so, beloved Jesus, immediately, from this very moment.  Though late, it is still in my power to love Thee, my God, with my whole heart.  Yes!  it is possible for me to love Thee from this moment with the most perfect love;  to love Thee till death, and for all eternity.  Most consoling truth!  I can, then, love God perfectly, even from this very moment.  I desire, O supreme and infinite Being, to give myself to Thee, with all that I am and have.  I desire only Thy love, and to concentrate in my heart the charity of all the angelic choirs, in order, by one act of love, to make atonement for my past transgressions.  To testify my love to Thee, I also desire, with the assistance of Thy grace, to accomplish in these days of retreat, that which shall be pointed out to me as most pleasing and acceptable to Thee.  Enkindle, divine Jesus, in my heart and in my whole being the fire of Thy divine love.  Amen.

Meditations on Truths of Eternity, Dublin, 
William Powell, 10 Essex Bridge, 1858.

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